Choose Healthy Snacks For Children


Choose healthy snacks for children such as fresh fruit and vegetables with tasty dips.

Keep healthy snacks well-stocked at home, readily available and easily accessible for children to grab. Save cookies and other sugar coated treats for an occasional sweet treat or special occasions. Never get into the habit of giving children cookies or other sugary treats when the family meal is being prepared or is almost ready to be served. Consider offering a couple of bites of the vegetables or salad already planned for the meal to tide them over.

Take advantage of after school hunger. When your children come home, have a plate ready with crunchy celery, carrots, and cucumbers on it. Serve it with dip if it makes it more enticing for them.

Have fresh, already cut vegetables for car trips or walks. Kids eat a lot when they are hungry or even bored, and if it’s already prepared, they’ll easily snack on the healthy foods.

Kids love to dip. Most children love to dip items (i.e French fries in ketchup) so provide them dipping choices such as a salad dressing they might like and let them dip away. Always make vegetables ready to at and available with lunch, dinner, and snack. By having them readily, available your child will eat when they are ready.