Hydroponically grown fodder is an extremely cost-effective feed supplement for all livestock.
With drought conditions and high feed prices livestock owners are looking for better feed option.  Hydroponic systems produce a healthy, fresh addition to the daily feed while allowing for control over protein and essential nutrient levels for each animal type.


Feeding cattle sprouting grain fodder when they are unable to gain access to fresh pasture has been shown to increase the milk yield of the animals. Animals have also been found to gain weight more easily when they are fed fresh fodder. Both factors help to increase the profitability of the cattle, regardless of whether they are being kept as meat or diary animals.

For Grass-fed or Organic-fed cattle, sprouts are recognized by the AGA (American Grass Fed Association) as a grass-fed source of feed.







Hydroponically grown fodder is ideal for both domestic and wild horses. The fodder is sprouted grass or legumes that mimic fresh pasture.  It is an ideal supplemental to feed natural grazers; like horses. Different fodder is recommended for wild horses due to the natural vegetation that they eat.








Goats have a well-developed digestive system, Fodder closely replicates what goats would naturally forage for in the wild.  An improvement in feed efficiency will lead to higher quality production of milk, meat and fiber.








Poultry feed is some of the most expensive livestock feed on the market, making hydroponically grown fodder an easy choice for poultry producers. Sprouted fodder is considered a complete ration for poultry and contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for optimal meat and egg production.

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