Always Fresh 2 U introduces it’s first Fresh Market in Mississippi.
Mississippi Fresh will offer fresh produce to consumers and businesses throughout Mississippi.

This market will serve as a template for future markets throughout the USA.


  • Produce of vegetables and herbs are grown in soilless, clean, pure conditions, in environmentally-designed greenhouses.


  • Our crops are grown with dozens of 100% natural minerals. They contain Omega 3 nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, and enzymes.


  • We use no fertilizers that can contain harmful bacteria, no hormones, heavy metals (lead and mercury) and pesticides – this helps with a new generation of educated consumers who demand to know the true source of their food.

Growing Up, with Vertical Hydroponics

  • We join the front wave of the New Frontier of Farming with a perfect blend of technology, and old fashioned planning and execution of our Goals. Our talented Team of professionals in the field of Horticulture will provide the freshest best tasting produce available.